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  • Be a Part of this cause - Serve to Conserve

  • He who plants a tree, Plants a hope..
    A lifetime opportunity working for Maharashtra Government for their Afforestation Programme! Enroll Now!!

  • If we ignore trees today, price of it will be paid by our next generation. Its our choice what to gift them a healthy earth or choking heart...

  • Do we still need to prove???

  • Lets set a new trend of taking SELFIE with TREE after planting it on this 1 July 2016 and keep it as your DP or Profile Pic on social media. DISCOVER ENVIRO & SARRP appeals all nature lover to plant a tree and post a selfie. This is the time to justify your WORDS through ACTIONS.

  • Discover Enviro takes an opportunity to thank everyone to have bestowed tremendous love and support for the cause.