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SARRP (Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programe) is an NGO registered in the year 2010, which works for reptiles, wild birds and other wildlife cause. However the main agenda of our organization is to rescue reptiles, wild birds etc who are encroaching into suburb / city and to educate people to avoid mishaps. Few members are working from more than decade and have dedicated their time and experience to help human population understand the vital importance of nature and its ecological balance.

SARRP NGO has more than 100 dedicated volunteers which perform various activities from rescue missions to awareness campaigns. Many times it happens that wild birds / reptiles etc dwell in human captivity which creates danger for both, and this is when volunteers of SARRP takes charge by rescuing the animal and saving life of both animal and human, thus avoiding the chances of accidents like snake bites or other casualties.

SARRP has qualified naturalist and volunteers who conduct many awareness programs, seminars, lectures, campaigns, trails, competitions. These activities are conducted in societies, corporate / government offices, BMC / Private schools, colleges and Mumbai Police Department. The awareness campaigns are not only restricted to cities but are also conducted in remote village areas to educate people about nature and its ecological values. Organization has conducted various awareness programs on reptiles’ myths and facts and more importantly educating people about what should be done primarily if faced snake bite or other casualties. Educating people helps them to understand how they can stay safe from reptiles and avoid serious incidents.

Objectives of SARRP

  1. Saving reptiles and other animals to prevent disturbance in ecological balance Alike other animals snakes also play vital role to maintain ecological balance, if the number of snakes deplete then it will explode rodent populations, which in return will be harmful for us.
  2. Spreading awareness about reptiles Snakes have always been neglected due to their appearance and they have been given less respect. Especially in our country snakes are killed due to myths and lack of knowledge.
  3. Rehabilitation of reptiles in their habitat It is we who are the encroachers in their habitat, but the snakes are the ones who are harmed. Due to increase in construction in city, there is very little place left for rehabilitation of snakes, so we take up as a responsibility to rehabilitate them in right place.
  4. Basic medication on injured reptiles and birds, and monitoring the improvement It is often on calls we come across many injured snakes and birds as well as some wild animals, which are then given medical attention to make it capable to survive in the wild.
  5. To create platform for aspiring students, who are looking to build their career in this field. In today's generation there are many people who understand the importance of conserving wild life, But in our country there is very little exposure in this field. We believe in creating the right platform for these individuals.
  6. To share new information on reptiles and other animals with new members Due to lack of exposure, our new members are not updated with the latest knowledge in this field. So we share our latest updates with them, which in turn creates awareness in the society.